Inquisitor Scaurus Aurelius


Scaurus Aurelius is the son of a rich highborn on the world of Starth. He was a bright student, with a knack for languages. He started his career in the Adeptus Administratum, where he assisted in sorting and archiving a variety of Imperial records. As his career progressed, he gained a reputation for being able to remember most of what he’d previously cataloged, plus being able to make startling links between seemingly unconnected records.

The exact details of how Aurelius left the Administratum for the employ of Inquisitor Reichwold are unknown, save that he was found unconscious one day while sorting records in the Imperial Archives. Whatever had happened had taken a great toll, and it took several months for him to recover. During his recovery he was interviewed by Inquisitor Aurin Vandran several times.

Exactly what passed between the two is unknown, as Vandran insisted on complete privacy. However, after his final interview, Vandran offered Aurelius the chance to become his acolyte, and continue his work researching and archiving for the Inquisitor. Aurelius accepted the offer, and was not heard of for many years.

Aurelius was thrust into the spotlight years later, after his mentor Vandran was assassinated. Aurelius investigated Vandran’s death, and discovered a twisted plot that lead back to a Planetary Governor, Eckhardt Stahnke, that Vandran was investigating, suspecting that Stahnke had ties to a chaos-worshipping cult on the world. Aurelius was not only able to prove Stahnke arranged the assassination of Vandran, but also proved that he was the leader of the cult that had been plaguing the planet.

As reward for his excellent work, Aurelius was made an Inquisitor in his own right. In the time since he has kept a reasonably low profile. However, he has still managed to uncover a number of cults that would have threatened the stability of important Imperial worlds.

His fellow Inquisitors regard him as a thorough, if eccentric person. Rumors have spread suggesting that he may be an unsanctioned psyker, although there has never been any proof provided to back up any such claim. His allies in the Inquisition suggest these rumors are nothing more than the work of jealous rivals, hoping to bring him down a notch or two.

Inquisitor Scaurus Aurelius

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