Marcus "Ace" Decumius

Inquisitor Aurelius' right hand man


“Ace” Decumius can be summed up in one word, rogue. Most of his life has been spent as a hired gun, in the employ of whoever paid the highest. As a gunman he is without match, he could shoot a fly off an Imperial Guardsman’s nose without him knowing. His mottled career almost ended after he was tried for the attempted assassination of Inquisitor Aurelius, a crime he claimed he was innocent of.

It was only a thorough investigation of the situation by Inquisitor Aurelius that uncovered a plot to assassinate him, and frame Decumius for the crime. Aurelius eventually located the real assassin, and those behind the plot, clearing Decumius’ name. In gratitude to Aurelius he offered his services as a hired gun and body guard, and has been serving the inquisitor ever since.

Decumius has, for many years now, become Aurelius’ right hand man. Aurelius entrusts to him those tasks that Aurelius is, for one reason or another, unable to attend to personally. Decumius has been sent to the Askellon sector to keep Aurelius appraised of the situation there, as well as to perform certain tasks, which he takes great pains to keep secret…

Marcus "Ace" Decumius

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