Askellon Sector – 933M41

The Askellon Sector is in turmoil, the warp storm known as the Pandaemonium is again expanding, making warp travel in the system difficult. The millenia old conflicts that plague the system have escalated, and most Imperial Navigators avoid the system entirely, happy to leave it to whatever fate has in store for it.

Despite this, there are many who still risk the dangers of the system, for there are a multitude of treasures to be found. Archeotech, Xenotech and other more tainted artifacts entice reckless Rogue Traders, Heretechs, and others to the system. Some find what they came searching for and become rich, others find nothing more than death.

As the Pandaemonium expands, there are those in the Imperium concerned about the fate of the system. While some would leave it to whatever destiny awaits it, others fear the ramifications of allowing the system to fall to the terror of the Warp. Most Inquisitors leave the system well alone, not wanting to risk a repeat of the conflict known as the Vaxi Atrocity. Even so, there are some Inquisitors who understand the dire situation, and have despatched agents to the system.

Clouded Destiny

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