Katarina Tsaryova

Grifter Burglar Smuggler Spy


Born on Vostroya into a highborn family, hundreds of heirs standing between her and the first of a number of low ranking positions within the planet’s tetriarchy, Katarina quickly grew bored with the petty squabbles and power games of her extended family and took to exploring the world around her as a means of battling the all pervading ennui.

Living a life of luxury, gave her access to items beyond the reach of the lower classes, but they meant little to her, as there was little to no challenge involved in acquiring them. Stealing items, however, presented enough of a challenge, and soon she began to amass a small collection of wealth that she deemed to be hers alone.

Soon merely stealing things wasn’t enough, and she began tricking people into giving her things under various guises and personas. If a person wished to believe a lie, who was she to deny them their beliefs. Soon, it was information itself she began to amass, and store away for useful occasions.

It was only when her interests fell upon contraband substances and trafficking them, that she attracted the unwelcome gaze of the inquisition (for she outranked most of the petty local authorities who may have harboured any suspicions about her).

While she did not feel enamoured of being in the employ of another individual, the fact that they wanted her to keep on doing what she was already doing was a selling point indeed. Somehow getting to do that in the Emperor’s name as well, was just icing on the cake. She may not have been big on religious fervour, but she had a wicked sense of irony.

Katarina Tsaryova

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