Jakob "The Machine" Markov


Born on the Frontier planet of Marnine, Jakob’s early life was tough and harsh, quickly learning to survive by relying his own wits and skills. Jakob found his true calling when he was very young, pulling apart every technological device that his family had, however the simple devices that his family owed were never enough and quickly found himself getting bored with the limited technology of his home.

His true calling came when he found his first gun, from then on he dedicated his life to technology and the perfection of arms. Jakob heard of the rumors of ancient technology and explored them extensively.

When members of the adeptus machinists showed up Jakob took up the role as their guide through the tunnels. What they found underneath was an old elder device however the device malfunctioned killing most of the party and causing the loss of Jakob’s legs, however as payment for helping and the loss of his legs, gave him some of the best bionic legs they had and inducted him into the Machine Cult, now a Technology Hunter Jakob has been assigned to the Inquisition in the hopes of reacquiring stolen technology as well as the capture of heretical tech

Jakob "The Machine" Markov

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